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Commonly Asked Questions About Shower Refinishing

juneblog3Are you considering getting shower refinishing in Knoxville, TN, but want to know more about it first? This short FAQ will go over some of the most commonly asked questions about this process. For those that don’t want to replace their entire shower or tub, refinishing can be a wonderful option.

How long does it take?

Shower refinishing takes between three to four hours depending on the specifics of your project. Your restored shower is ready to use in just 48 hours.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies from project to project, but it is always much more affordable than getting a complete replacement. In a lot of cases, you can save $1,000 or more.

What will my shower look like when it’s done?

When you get your shower refinished, your shower will look like a brand new version of your old one. A refinishing job keeps the features of your shower intact while providing a new, clean surface.

What custom options are available?

Refinishing your shower gives you the option to change the color as well. You can choose from several different colors, including the classic white finish.

If you decide you need shower refinishing, turn to the professionals. Visit today and get a free estimate.

Know Your Tubs

junblerg2Are you thinking about getting a new bathtub? What kind of tub would you like? This short guide will familiarize you with the various tub styles you have to choose from so that this important decision can be made easy and painless.

Free Standing Tubs

If you’re looking for a classic, vintage look, a free standing tub is the way to go. These tubs are made of solid porcelain and are the roomiest tubs around, so you can comfortably take a long, relaxing bubble bath. You can also get one with a shower head hooked up to it. For an even more vintage feel, look for a claw foot tub.

Alcove Tubs

Alcove tubs are enclosed by walls on three sides. These tubs are usually surrounded by tile or paneling, and since they are surrounded by walls, showerhead installation is easy and convenient.

Drop-In Tubs

These tubs are surrounded by wood that is covered with tile, granite, or other materials. Similar to a free-standing tub, a drop-in tub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom as long as the plumbing can be connected to it.

Corner Tubs

Corner tubs are most similar to a Jacuzzi. They are often large and luxurious, and have jets for added relaxation.

No matter what bathtub style you choose, eventually you will start to see wear and tear. Perhaps your tub has acquired a ring that no amount of chemical cleaner or elbow grease can remove. When this happens, don’t throw out your old tub. Get bathtub reglazing in Atlanta from Carolina’s Tub Doctor. Visit today for more information.

Sick of Your Dingy Bathtub?

junblerg1You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so you want it to look nice. Unfortunately, after years of use your bathtub can accumulate stains that can’t be removed with cleaning supplies and elbow grease alone. If you’ve tried everything from home remedies to powerful chemicals to clean up your tub, only to be disappointed with the results, you should consider getting tub refinishing in Atlanta.


One of the main benefits of getting your bath or shower refinished is the cost. When your tub is dingy beyond repair, reglazing it rather than replacing your entire tub can save you a thousand dollars or more.

Like New

When you get bathtub refinishing services, your tub will be restored to mint condition. It will be just like you got a brand new tub, without all the hassle of a full replacement! If you love the style of your porcelain tub but can’t stand the look of wear and tear on it, refinishing is the perfect option for you.

Quick and Easy

Refinishing your bathtub or shower takes one contractor just hours to complete. After about 48 hours, your tub will be nicely restored and ready to use. A total replacement could mean 7-10 days without a working tub, and several contractors going in and out of your home.

When it comes to the look and feel of your bathroom, refinishing your tub or shower can make a huge impact. Contact the professionals at today to get a gorgeous tub restoration.

3 Ways to Clean a Dingy Porcelain Bathtub

bathtub reglazing augusta gaPorcelain bathtubs stain very easily. Sometimes, no matter how hard you scrub, you can’t quite get you tub to the sparkling white that it was when it was first installed. It doesn’t mean that you don’t clean your bathtub properly. You could clean your tub often and still wind up with stubborn stains. This handy guide will give you some tips and tricks that may help you restore your bathtub to its former glory.

Pumice Scouring Stick

You can find a pumice scouring stick at most hardware or home improvement stores for just a few dollars. They’re very handy for removing stains from porcelain, but do not use them if your tub is enamel or acrylic, as it can damage them. The best part is that these sticks can also be used to clean your porcelain sinks and toilets!


Vinegar is a very versatile cleaner, and it’s all natural. Soak a towel in vinegar and lay them on the stains for a few hours. Before the towel dries, use it to scrub at the stain. It should lift away.

Baking Soda

Place two to three cups of baking soda and a small amount of liquid detergent in your tub and fill it with hot water. Let it stand in the tub for a few hours, and then scrub at the stain with a hard-bristled brush.

Hopefully these tips help you rid your porcelain tub of stains and restore it to a beautiful sparkling white. If you find that your tub is still dingy after trying these methods, consider getting bathtub reglazing in Augusta, GA. A tub reglazing takes just a few hours and can restore you tub to its original, spotless condition. Visit to learn more.

Turn Your Bathtub into a Relaxing Oasis

bathtub reglazing knoxville tnA day at the spa can be just the thing you need after a stressful week, but it can be pricey. This guide will show you four simple tips that help you bring the spa experience to you own bathroom.

Fresh Paint

Choose an earthy color scheme with plenty of greens and browns. If you can, follow the same color scheme with your towels and other bathroom fixtures. These colors create a relaxing and grounding atmosphere. If you bathroom is very small, you may want to use very light colors so that you don’t make the room feel cramped.

Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy is great for finding your inner Zen. Place an oil diffuser filled with your favorite essential oil near the bathtub and breathe in relaxation as you bathe. You can also achieve this with candles, but diffusers are much safer.

Waterproof Speakers

Place a waterproof Bluetooth speaker on your bathtub wall and play meditation music from your phone. The music will sooth your mind and give you the feeling of a real spa.

A Tub Tray

Nothing says relaxation like unwinding with a glass of wine. When you’re enjoying your bubble bath, place a glass of wine and maybe some chocolates or other yummy treat on the tray and enjoy!

Even with all of these great tips, a dingy old bathtub can ruin your spa experience. Bathtub reglazing in Knoxville, TN is the perfect solution to this problem. Visit today to learn how Carolina’s Tub Doctor can make your bathtub look new again.

How Does Carolina’s Tub Doctor Work Their Magic?

shower refinishing knoxville tnIf you are considering getting tub or shower refinishing in Knoxville, TN, you may be curious about how it works. Carolina’s Tub Doctor can make your tub look brand new in just one day with our refinishing process.

Step One

The first step is to remove all of the old caulking and clean the surface of the tub. This primes the surface of the tub for the rest of the process.

Step Two

Next, we etch the porcelain using an acid etching and wet sanding process. This will allow the new glaze to stick to the porcelain better.

Step Three

Once we have the tub prepped and primed, it’s time to seal off the bathroom and install a ventilation system. This will protect the rest of your bathroom and your home from damage while we work on your tub or shower.

Step Four

Now it’s time to apply the self-etching base coat. This will ensure that the glaze goes on smoothly and evenly.

Step Five

Next, we apply the finish in four coats to ensure a high-gloss, high-shine surface. This is applied with a spray on process.

Step Six

Our final step is to remove the masking and ventilation. Whenever we refinish a tub or shower, we always leave the bathroom clean.

This entire process takes one day and your bathtub is ready to use in just 48 hours. Our bathtub and shower refinishing services are a great way to make your bathtub look brand new in a short amount of time at an inexpensive price. Visit to learn more.

3 Small Changes That Can Makeover Your Home

aprilblog2Sometimes less is more when you get the urge to remodel your home. These three small and inexpensive projects will freshen up the most important rooms in your home. You may think these changes are insignificant but they can completely change the aesthetics of your home.

The Kitchen

One small way you can improve the look of your kitchen is to add a new backsplash to your countertops and behind the stove. There are so many different colors and textures of tile that you’re bound to find something that complements your kitchen beautifully. Backsplash tiles often come in large sheets that are very easy to apply on your own. You can get a beautiful and intricate mosaic pattern with minimal effort and it won’t break the bank.

The Living Room

The easiest way to change the look and feel of your living room is to add a fresh coat of paint. An accent wall is the perfect way to add a bright pop of color to the room and make the overall design more modern. Choose a neutral color for your main walls and then a bright, bold color, like red, for your statement wall.

The Bathroom

Tub refinishing in Atlanta is the perfect way to remodel your bathroom on a budget. It only takes a few hours and a single contractor to install. The tub is then ready to use in just 48 hours. Instead of completely replacing your bathtub, reglazing it is a great way to quickly change the color of your tub and make it look like new. It’s a small cosmetic change but it can make your bathroom feel new.

When you catch the remodeling bug, start with small changes first. If you’re satisfied with your home when you’re finished you will end up saving yourself a lot of time, money and stress.

Spruce up Your Bathroom for Spring

aprilblog1Spring is a time for renewal. The warm weather puts people in the mood for a fresh new start. This means spring cleaning, and sometimes home remodeling projects. The bathroom is one of the most important areas of your home, because it’s where you get ready to start your day and where you begin to unwind at night. A full remodel may seem unreasonable so here are some quick and easy ways to get that fresh spring feeling.

Change out the Towels

Your bath towels are functional, but you may not realize that they also contribute to the estheticsc of the space. If you’ve been using the same towels for years you may be getting tired of them representing the same style. Mismatched towels can also make your bathroom feel disorganized. Switch out your towels for a brand new set in a lighter color like green or blue. You’ll be amazed at how much nicer your bathroom looks.

Switch up the Décor

Swap out your soap dispenser, towel racks, shelving, toilet seat, toilet paper holder, and any other small fixture in your bathroom for new, matching ones. These things are minor and easy to replace, but you’ll be giving your bathroom a makeover. Just like with towels, having a cohesive design will automatically make your bathroom feel fresh and new without spending a ton of money.

Refinish your Tub

Your tub or shower is a focal point in your bathroom. If it’s looking a bit dingy, you should consider tub refinishing in Atlanta. Completely replacing your bathtub can be expensive and time consuming but refinishing the tub you already have is the perfect way to spruce up your bathroom for spring.

When you combine all of these tips, you will be amazed at how beautiful your bathroom looks and how new it feels. Get started on your springtime bathroom makeover by visiting for a free estimate on bathtub refinishing.

How Refinishing Your Bathtub Can Help You Sell Your House

marchblog3The bathroom is a major selling point for any prospective home buyer, so having a clean, updated, and well-designed bathroom may get them to make you an offer. It doesn’t have to be very expensive or stressful to make your bathroom real estate ready, either. Refinishing your tub or shower is a great way to take your bathroom from drab to fab. Here are three reasons to consider bathtub refinishing in Raleigh, NC.


Looks Great

Refinishing your tub or shower can refresh the look of your bathroom and make it look newer and more modern. It also gives a nice clean look to the bathroom because the finish will be brand new.


Saves Time

A refinishing job is quick and easy. Often, you can have your tub completely refinished in a day, which means it will be done in time for you next open house.


Saves Money

Refinishing your tub or shower is a lot cheaper than a full bathroom remodel, so you will have money to start renovating your new house once you sell.


Refinishing your bathtub is a great way to remodel your bathroom quickly and affordably, and will add a lot of real estate value to your home.

Replace, Cover, or Refinish? – Part 2

bathtub reglazing atlantaThe previous blog entry discussed the pros of each method of bathtub remodeling: complete replacement, covers, and refinishing. In this post, we will examine the cons of each method. When you are thinking about remodeling your tub or shower, it is important to weigh both the positive and negative consequences.


The main problem with a complete replacement is the cost. You are looking at anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 for a full replacement. There may be several contractors in your home at once, with a lot of dust and debris. You also have to find somewhere else to bathe for up to ten days while the remodel takes place.


Depending on who you hire for this job, a bath liner can look cheap and plastic. There is also the chance that mold can get between the liner and the old tub. This method can create dust and debris in your home.


Bathtub reglazing in Atlanta will take slightly longer to complete than covering your old tub: about 48 hours. This method will retain the look and feel of the original tub, so if you aren’t happy with the overall design of your tub, this may not be the method to choose.