Replace, Cover, or Refinish? – Part 2

bathtub reglazing atlantaThe previous blog entry discussed the pros of each method of bathtub remodeling: complete replacement, covers, and refinishing. In this post, we will examine the cons of each method. When you are thinking about remodeling your tub or shower, it is important to weigh both the positive and negative consequences.


The main problem with a complete replacement is the cost. You are looking at anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 for a full replacement. There may be several contractors in your home at once, with a lot of dust and debris. You also have to find somewhere else to bathe for up to ten days while the remodel takes place.


Depending on who you hire for this job, a bath liner can look cheap and plastic. There is also the chance that mold can get between the liner and the old tub. This method can create dust and debris in your home.


Bathtub reglazing in Atlanta will take slightly longer to complete than covering your old tub: about 48 hours. This method will retain the look and feel of the original tub, so if you aren’t happy with the overall design of your tub, this may not be the method to choose.