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To Replace or Reglaze? That Is the Question.

bathtub refinishing in Greenville, SCWhen renovating your bathroom, whether or not to replace your tub and/or shower is a major decision. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, this handy list of things to consider will help.



There Are Hidden Costs to Replacing a Tub

You can purchase replacement bathtubs for as little as a few hundred dollars. However, the cost of a new tub is just the beginning. Bathrooms are often built around the tub and shower so you can’t simply pick up the tub and walk it out the front door. Replacing a bathtub and shower involves removal and disposal costs that can end up in the thousands.


Older Tubs Were Made to Last

If you have an older tub, chances are it is durable and high quality. Expert bathtub refinishing in Greenville, SC is an ideal way to bring new life to an old tub at a much lower cost. The great thing about reglazing a tub is the custom color options are nearly endless.

Also, the process is much faster than a total replacement. The reglazing itself only takes three or four hours and then the tub is ready for use just 48 hours after completion. Reglazed tubs look just as good if not better than their brand new counterparts.


New and Reglazed Tubs and Showers Have Equal Longevity

No matter if you opt for a new tub and shower or go for reglazing, you’ll get about the same lifespan out of both, approximately 20 years. Reglazed tubs do require a little TLC in the form of non-abrasive cleaners without bleach, but otherwise they hold up just as well as a brand new unit.

Whichever option you choose the look of a brand new tub and shower will do wonders for your bathroom.