Turn Your Bathtub into a Relaxing Oasis

bathtub reglazing knoxville tnA day at the spa can be just the thing you need after a stressful week, but it can be pricey. This guide will show you four simple tips that help you bring the spa experience to you own bathroom.

Fresh Paint

Choose an earthy color scheme with plenty of greens and browns. If you can, follow the same color scheme with your towels and other bathroom fixtures. These colors create a relaxing and grounding atmosphere. If you bathroom is very small, you may want to use very light colors so that you don’t make the room feel cramped.

Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy is great for finding your inner Zen. Place an oil diffuser filled with your favorite essential oil near the bathtub and breathe in relaxation as you bathe. You can also achieve this with candles, but diffusers are much safer.

Waterproof Speakers

Place a waterproof Bluetooth speaker on your bathtub wall and play meditation music from your phone. The music will sooth your mind and give you the feeling of a real spa.

A Tub Tray

Nothing says relaxation like unwinding with a glass of wine. When you’re enjoying your bubble bath, place a glass of wine and maybe some chocolates or other yummy treat on the tray and enjoy!

Even with all of these great tips, a dingy old bathtub can ruin your spa experience. Bathtub reglazing in Knoxville, TN is the perfect solution to this problem. Visit CarolinasTubDoctor.com today to learn how Carolina’s Tub Doctor can make your bathtub look new again.